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To play the game need Unity game plugin.
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Mini Attack Urban Combat Game

Mini Attack Urban Combat game play, 3d action games, best Unity games.

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How to Play 3D Game
Mission 1: Your detection mission is a success. Now we need to evacuate. Mission 2: You need to hold this location to buy time for a civilian evacuation. 90 seconds should do it. Then retreat! Mission 3: Our target is Ax Jack, a high-ranking terrorist. Find him. Mission 4: The enemy is producing blue robots to take us out. Find them and disable them first! Mission 5: There's a bomb set somewhere in the town. Find and disarm it before time runs out! Mission 6: A reliable source has placed Ax Jack at a hiding spot in the woods. Failure is not an option. Mission 7: The enemy's lair has been located. Destroy it! Mission 8: New intelligence places our target at a secondary stronghold. We need you to investigate. Mission 9: This is the alleged enemy base. We need you to investigate-we can't get it wrong again. Survival Mode: Take out all enemy units. Survival Mode (Hard): Survive the 25th wave in Survival Mode to unlock this level.

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