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Lif Serengeti Game

Lif Serengeti Game
Game Size: 8.25 MB
Played: 58.044
Game Type: Unity 3D

Survive with wild animals in Africa.
How to Play Unity 3D Games:
You need to survive in the wild in this game. You can play this game online (multiplayer) or offline (singleplayer). Before starting the game you can choose the gender. There are two different places in the game, start the game by choosing one of them. Run as fast as possible not to get caught.
To move you use arrow keys or WASD.
To feeding you use CTRL.
To jump you use spacebar.
If you want to change your animal you must go to next to the animals statues and wait a few seconds. you can choose crocodile, lion, baboon, ferret, elephant or antelope.

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